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2020 Annual Conference

Geelong, 20 - 23 May

Welcome to IPPS Australia

The  IPPS is a select group of plant propagators from around the world. Many of Australia’s leading nursery operators and top horticulturists are, or have been Members.

Membership is not expensive. It entitles you to discounted attendance at the annual conference (held in a different part of Australia every year in May), four newsletters a year, discounted attendance at local area meetings and seminars run annually in most major cities and most importantly you become part of a group that includes some of the best plant propagators in the world.

Become a Member: JOIN NOW    Don't delay, complete the application form and you will immediately start reaping the benefits of being part of the World's largest organization of plant propagators.

Our motto is:
”To seek and to share”

It is this motto that makes our society both unique and beneficial. It is the chance to meet and talk with leading propagators that really makes membership so valuable.

If you have a problem with your propagation, the odds are at least one of our members has encountered the same or similar problems and could advise you on how to solve it.

At the conclusion of each year's conference there is a question and answer session where members are invited to ask questions about technical issues, new varieties, new methodologies or just about anything at all to do with plant propagation.

Latest News

26 June 2021

The Propagator - Winter 2021 - Issue No. 68

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13 December 2020

The Propagator - Summer 2020 - Issue No. 67

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1 October 2020

The Propagator - Spring 2020 - Issue No. 66

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