Six Pack Award

IPPS Conference 6 Pack Youth Initiative

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IPPS Australia offers the opportunity for 6 young propagators to come to the 2018 IPPS Conference, Hobart, Tasmania (24th to 25th May 2017), for no charge!

If you have a passion for horticulture, would like to meet the best in the field and learn plenty at the same time then this is for you. In return for conference registration, accommodation and travel assistance, we ask that you support the conference organisers to make the event run as smoothly as possible. You will be helping the trade show set up, delegate registration, handling microphones and the other small jobs that need to be completed. Nothing too hard and there will be plenty of time to enjoy the conference.

To be a candidate for the Perth 6 Pack you must be 18 years of age and under 30 years of age, be nominated by your employer by completion of the following Nomination Form and complete the candidate information sheet. Send these forms by the closing date of Friday 24th February 2018 to:

IPPS 2018 Conference Organisers C/- Ms Pam Berryman
27 Petunia Crescent
Ph: 07 3829 9454 Fax: 07 3829 9767