Australian Region 'Award of Honour'


The Australian region has been awarding individuals who have made a significant contribution to the society for many years. This has been in the past a certificate that they can frame and hang on a wall.

Discussion by the IPPS directors supported an idea to have the award a more significant physical entity. This is now presented to directors.

The trophy design

An individually selected free form piece of rare Australian native timber (eg. red cedar, teak, blackwood etc) forms the background for the trophy. Onto this is placed the cast of the IPPS logo and the other a simple statement that this is the award of honour. The recipients name will be cast or engraved onto the award.

This timber will be able to be hung on a wall, or supported above another piece of timber by two brass rods making it able to be positioned on a cabinet or table.

The actual size will obviously vary, but to give an idea the round IPPS logo is about 100mmm in diameter.

Design concept

The concept is that the award is given to individual effort. This will be reflected in the fact that each piece of wood will be individually selected, and a rare commodity. The IPPS logo firmly stamps it as our award and the name recognition personalizes the piece