‘ Steve Vallance’ - Pewter Tankard Award

The Pewter Tankard Award of the IPPS Australian Region is an annual award that is presented to a member for their extraordinary contribution to the Region over the previous twelve months. There will be a committee that shall consist of the President, Chair of the Awards Committee and Chief Executive Officer. The President will be the Chairman of this committee and is responsible for contacting the committee members at least four months prior to the Annual Conference to select the recipient of the award.

The President is responsible for introducing the winner along with an acknowledgment of the winner’s past experiences and service to the Society. If appropriate the President may select another member of the Society to undertake this task.

The recipient must;

  • be a financial member of the Society
  • not have previously won the award

The Pewter Tankard may be awarded annually if there is a suitable candidate. The Award is presented by the President during the Annual Dinner held at the Annual Conference.