The focus of the Edward and Mary Bunker Award is to recognize an outstanding contribution from someone who has demonstrated the IPPS moto ‘To Seek and To Share’ for the betterment of the Industry at large. The selection criteria are not limited, and could include any of the following or other related categories:

  1. Innovation and development in plant propagation, production, or nursery systems,
  2. Mentoring new propagators, promoting horticultural training, education and extension
  3. Plant breeding that has impacted Australian or International markets or resulted in the introduction of new plants or varieties to Australia
  4. Facilitation of market access within Australia or internationally
  5. Innovation or problem solving in any aspect of business including WHS, transport, logistics, supply chain management, new technologies, etc.

Although preference for awarding the Edward and Mary Bunker Award should be given to IPPS members, candidates from outside the Society should be considered on merit against the listed criteria. It is considered that opening this award to non-members will raise awareness and recognition of IPPS throughout a wider expanse of Horticultural Industries.

The Edward and Mary Bunker Award need not be awarded annually, but will be awarded on merit when suitable candidates who meet the selection criteria have been identified and selected by the Awards Committee. The format of the Edward and Mary Bunker Award will be a suitably marked, printed, or engraved certificate or trophy which will be presented to the recipient by the President of IPPS and which will reside with the recipient in perpetuity.